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Welcome to our Blog

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Canada Labour Market and Employment Update, March 11, 2022

In February, jobs increased in service sectors in Canada’s labour market, with improvements in labour market participation in core-working age women, Indigenous and BIPOC populations. The private sector leads the growth trend, and self-employment trends cool.

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US Wage Increases Risk Making Inflation Permanent 

Inflation: Some will say that wide-ranging wage increases are precisely the redistribution society needs. But it is not that simple. Those pursuing such a policy would do so with progressive intentions, resulting in a regressive outcome.

The permanent inflation brought about by broad wage increases will not affect all in society equally. Increased prices negatively affect those who spend most of their income. Furthermore, price increases significantly harm those who spend a higher portion of their income on essential expenses. Price increases are regressive.

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Employee Secretly Recording Others At Work Results in Termination

We recommend legal advice if an employer intends to discipline or terminate an employee recording.
For employees, this feels like it should be a public service announcement. Many are under the impression they can record conversations without negative consequences. That is not the case. And, call me sentimental, but I have this strong preference that when employees behave in a manner that could put their job in jeopardy, they should be aware of that in advance. So govern yourself accordingly.

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Healthcare Employers Tested to Protect Employees from Threats and Burnout

Employee Burnout: Healthcare employers use systems to protect employees from burnout and threats. Despite these systems, factors of late stress test the capacity of those protective measures. Hence, employers must adjust, take extra care, and increase resources. In so doing, they maintain support for employees during times of increased need.

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Alberta Labour Market and Employment Update, February 7, 2022

Canada lost 200,000 jobs in January. Ontario and Quebec felt most of these losses after confronting the Omicron wave. 

Meanwhile, Alberta increased by 7,000 jobs. Full-time jobs receded 3,900, and part-time employment increased by 10,900 positions. 

Continue reading for this and wage rate and negotiation wage settlement trends.

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Find Your Sacred During Times of Tension and Conflict Communication

Conflict Communication
Find your sacred: When we encounter tension, conflict and even hostility, how do we avoid getting sucked into the fray, react and lose perspective? If we are grounded in the meaning of what we do, including the process, we can stay the course.

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