Indigenous Education Consulting

Dr. Tibetha Kemble, CEO of With People Inc., brings over 20 years of experience in the public service and higher education sectors, focusing on access and affordability in education for Indigenous peoples and communities. She has extensive stakeholder engagement expertise, including work with the Bigstone Cree Nation Education Authority, the Treaty 8 Tribal Association, and a project on Indigenous Early Learning and Care in Edmonton. Additionally, Karrie Auger’s contributions to Indigenous education further enrich our capabilities. Our services are tailored to meet diverse needs.

Our Service Offerings

Working Safely and Respectfully with Indigenous Peoples
– Develop and deliver customized training programs.
– Focus on creating safe, respectful workplaces for Indigenous Peoples and Communities.

Indigenous Education Policy Development
– Collaborate with educational institutions and community partners.
– Develop policies and guidelines to increase access and affordability in higher education.
– Ensure the inclusion of Indigenous knowledge, perspectives, and experiences.

Indigenous Student Support Services
– Design and implement comprehensive support services, including mentorship, academic counselling, career guidance, and scholarship opportunities.
– Foster student success, retention, and well-being.

Indigenous Curriculum Review and Enhancement
– Conduct thorough curriculum reviews.
– Develop strategies to enhance cultural relevance and responsiveness.
– Work with curriculum developers, educators, and Indigenous community members.

Stakeholder Engagement and Consultation
– Facilitate meaningful engagement and consultation with Indigenous communities, education authorities, and other stakeholders.
– Ensure their voices are integrated into decision-making processes.

Indigenous Language and Culture Programs
– Develop and deliver language revitalization programs and cultural workshops.
– Promote Indigenous language preservation and cultural understanding.

This includes Indigenous Executive Coaching

Recruitment Right-Sized, Grounded in Partnership & Relationship

Recruitment Right-Sized, Grounded in Partnership & Relationship

Recruitment: The right people with the right skills in the right place at the right time.

With People Inc. has supported complex project recruitment, involving national and international recruitment efforts for projects exceeding $5 billion in capital investment. 

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No Restrictive Covenants on Candidates or Employers

We believe in supporting a free and mobile labour market. We do not place restrictive covenants upon candidates or employers. 

At times, for clients that select a certain service-stream, we put restrictions on ourselves. For those employers, it is their labour pool exclusively…not ours, meaning we do not actively recruit candidates who’ve responded for one employer to other employers. 

For Those That Wish, We Push Your Labour Market Brand - Not Ours

Certain employers prefer to be less visible during recruitment and we accommodate that when requested to do so. But for many, there is an interest in taking advantage of each recruitment journey to enhance their brand presence in the labour market. In these cases, we become a more silent partner and instead push that employer’s brand through our established, expansive network. 


No Percent of Salary Based Billing, We Deploy a Pay for What you Use, Open book Time-based Model of Billing

We accept that there are times and places for percentage-of-salary-based billing, such as for more elaborate executive-level search journeys. However, we feel that model is generally overused. We focus on staff, technical and craft recruitment up to middle management levels. For this type of recruitment, we believe a fair, time-based billing model is better suited for our clients.

No Restrictive Covenants on Candidates or Employers

We believe in supporting a free and mobile labour market. We do not place restrictive covenants upon candidates or employers. 

At times, for clients that select a certain service stream, we put restrictions on ourselves. For those employers, it is their labour pool exclusively…not ours, meaning we do not actively recruit candidates who’ve responded for one employer to other employers.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

We don’t forget that recruitment ultimately supports operations and de-risks project execution. We apply artificial intelligence and machine learning to our legacy and current procedures, which identifies bottlenecks in mass-recruitment efforts. This continuous improvement increases the predictability of outcomes and certainty of reports such as our 8-week look ahead.

Holding Ourselves to an Anti-Racist Recruitment Standard

We actively seek out and remove structural, unconscious and conscious bias both in ourselves and within our systems. We continually strengthen our assurance that we do not add to inequity in the labour market. Also, we apply a positive bias towards the recruitment and onboarding of Indigenous, BIPOC and women candidates, for those candidates that choose voluntarily to self-identify.

Assisted in the Hiring and Onboarding of 27,000 Canadians

We produce results, with the recruitment of over 27,000 Canadians hired on projects made up predominantly of craft and technical industrial and construction personnel. Our processes and methods are scalable. We assist large and small needs, everything from the recruitment of 1-3 positions to recruiting for hundreds of positions.

Experienced and skilled collective bargaining agreements

 Experienced and skilled collective bargaining agreements

We have extensive collective bargaining services experience, and the discretion necessary to determine a suitable negotiation stance or posture, develop the negotiation strategy and execute the plan, while maintaining important business relationships.

Collective Bargaining

Our negotiators have decades of experience, having completed well over one hundred rounds of collective bargaining services. Our team quickly acquaints themselves with your operation, with an understanding of the business realities of the current situation together with the historic context of bargaining and the market(s) within which your organization operates. 

Project Labour Agreements

Executing major capital works in today’s environment is challenging even under the best circumstances. In fact, investors are often reluctant to commit capital to Canadian jurisdictions. For more major endeavours, the structure of standard employment contracts or collective agreement terms may also fetter project economics. We will help your team determine a labour posture mix and strategy, and ensure that employment contract terms and conditions are in alignment with project execution.

Workplace Conflict Resolution

Conflict and issues may arise between people and groups within supply chains, between departments, regional offices or supervisors. While leaders could mandate a resolution, encouraging parties to confront the issues and arrive at their own, agreed-to resolutions might be a more sustainable solution. A structured and facilitated discussion can be useful in achieving that end.


Commercial Negotiation

We will support your company at the negotiation table, regardless of whether a hard bargain or a more collaborative approach which strengthens relationships is needed. 

Workplace Interpersonal Conflict Negotiation

Friction between colleagues can get toxic, and failure to resolve these conflicts may result in the loss of one or both valuable team members. Solutions to interpersonal conflict (so long as it would not be classified as bullying or harassment) cannot be imposed – they must be arrived at and agreed to. We will set up and facilitate such discussions.

Stakeholder Negotiations

Sometimes business activities and ventures touch broader stakeholders within the community. This interaction or exchange at times requires negotiation. We can assess and help your team take a sensitive, mature and long-lasting solution-focused approach that satisfies business needs, and restores relationships while maintaining the reputation of your organization. 


With People Inc. provides workforce strategy and policy guidance.

With People Inc. provides workforce strategy and policy guidance.

We solve complex opportunities and challenges. We advance attraction, retention, and talent management solutions. We develop policy, train and investigate. We champion respect, mental wellness and health at work.

We offer tools and human resource Apps that rank, manage performance, and support investigations.

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